Engineered Solutions Specific to Customer Needs and Application RequirEments.

Origin Engines is a new name in the marketplace. But we're certainly not new to the engine building business.

We have the experience of manufacturing engines for nearly 40 years. We are teaming our experience and capabilities with OEMs to deliver highly engineered product, specify to their needs. The result is a tailored and sustainable product that can maximize ROI for our partners.

industrial engines

Our engines are built for you

We've taken the approach of partnering with OEMs and Engine Distributors. This collaboration of engineering, with an understanding of their business needs, has resulted into engines which are better suited for their intended application(s). This partnership has also increased the profitability for our customers. When you choose Origin Engines, you are choosing to work with an engine supplier that understands your livelihood depends on the performance of our products. We listen to you. We work with you. We treat you like a valued partner. OEMs and Engine Distributors told us that something needed to be done differently in the industrial engine market. And that's exactly what we have done.

At Origin Engines, we've applied our experience from decades of engine manufacturing experience to an innovative line of new industrial engines. We're combining this knowledge and engineering resources with our scale of manufacturing to offer highly engineered solutions to the market.

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