Origin Engines 3.6L

The Origin Engine 3.6L is engineered for greater power density and durability in a compact, well-designed package.

A perfect, small-footprint powerhouse for forestry, mobile equipment, power generation and other applications.

A revolutionary design encompasses the latest technology in engine material and design:

  • High-performance, cross-flow cylinder head
  • Optimized water jacket design to maximize heat dissipation
  • Piston cooling jets
  • Heavy-duty block bulkhead and fastener placement
  • Crankshaft design maximizes main journal size and rod journal overlap
  • Coil near plug ignition system
  • Available in a variety of configurations — natural gas, propane, or gasoline fueled; naturally aspirated or turbocharged and EPA certified and non-certified packages

These features not only increase the power density of this engine for stand-by applications, they dramatically improve the performance and reliability for continuous duty needs.

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