Origin Engines 4.3L

Redesigned from the ground up to improve reliability, longevity and performance.

Using the same footprint as legacy 4.3 engines, this Origin Engine has been updated with more robust materials to include coil on plug ignition and options for extending maintenance intervals.

Available in a variety of configurations — natural gas, propane, or gasoline fueled; naturally aspirated or turbo charged and EPA certified and non-certified packages.

Origin Engines 4.3L V-6 is an ideal engine for Prime Power Oil and Gas, Emergency Standby Power Generation and Forestry Equipment.

The difference-makers behind every Origin Engine:

  • Heavy-duty block
  • High quality materials designed for heavy-duty industrial use
  • EPA Certified (2020)
  • Engineered for reliability and long life
  • Modular design and consistent product offering
  • Designed and precision machined to exacting tolerances

See specifications and power curves on the PDF below.

Natural gas and propane fueled industrial engines that rival diesel equipment.

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