Origin Engines 5.7L

General Motors Discontinued and Stopped Manufacturing the 5.7L in 2018. What is Your Plan?

The Engineers at Origin Engines had the forethought to look past what is popular today and to design our engines in a way which benefits our OEM and Engine Distributor customers long-term. Our small block engines were designed to be modular with the design of our cylinder bores. This has resulted with a (3) engine configurations which all occupy the same physical footprint; 5.7L, 6.2L and 6.6L.

With the new 5.7L industrial engine from Origin Engines, you won’t miss the GM version one bit. We've engineered a direct replacement. The same footprint, the same horsepower, and the same performance which gave the 5.7L the reputation it deserved. The 5.7L industrial engine from Origin Engines is the direct replacement to the extinct GM 5.7L. Engineered for optimal performance and reliability under the most demanding conditions, the Origin Engines 5.7L industrial engine delivers the power and reliability you demand - and a consistent configuration year after year that virtually eliminates the need for costly and frequent adaptations.

Origin Engines also offers a 6.2L engine which is the same exact footprint as the 5.7L while providing approximately 10% more power. With a similar cost, the 6.2L may be a needed upgrade from your current 5.7L engine.

The difference-makers behind every Origin Engine:

  • Heavy-duty block; cast and machined in the USA
  • High quality materials designed for heavy-duty industrial use
  • EPA Certified
  • Engineered for reliability and long life
  • Modular design and consistent product offering
  • Designed and precision machined to exacting tolerances

Available in both certified and non-certified models.

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