Origin Heavy Duty

A new standard is being written for gasified diesel based engines.

These V-8, V-10 and V-12 diesel derivate engine platforms expand on Origin Engines’ traditional product base. These heavy-duty 15.9L, 19.9L, and 23.9L platforms offer 24/7 peace of mind for prime applications, as well as high power densities to maximize cost per kW for standby markets. Available for applications running propane, pipeline natural gas or wellhead natural gas and available in either EPA certified or non-certified configurations. This line of heavy-duty engines have coverage from 200-525 kWe. We design features within these engines to have increased power density for standby applications and with lower maintenance requirements without impacting longevity for prime market needs.

We’ve engineered details that matter in the field:

  • Piston oilers provide cooler piston crown temperatures and increased lubrication.
  • Coil-near-plug ignition provides greater spark control virtually eliminates field service failures common of distributor ignition systems.
  • Integrated, high flow oil cooler ports.
  • Hydraulic roller valve lifters for reduced friction and improved performance.
  • Large capacity oil pan contains several threaded fittings for easier maintenance.
  • Stellite-faced Inconel valves ensure performance in extreme duty applications.
  • Hardened valve guides provide longer life.
  • Teflon front and rear main seals provide three times the life of conventional seals.
  • Oil Pan Gasket is one-piece molded silicone with a steel carrier.
  • Head Gasket is solid steel core with stainless steel “armor”.
  • Cylinder heads feature hardened exhaust and intake seats for increased head life.
  • Hydraulic roller lifter camshaft, optimized for high-torque industrial applications.
  • Pistons engineered to dissipate heat for extreme duty.
  • EPA Certification allows packages to operate on propane and natural gas.

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